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Helping to build unique spaces in ships

The increased complexity of new shipbuilding projects has raised the demand for highly skilled specialists. Therefore a large part of the industry has been suffering from a lack of a reliable workforce that decreased the quality and efficiency of the ongoing projects.

FITUP Services from the early beginning has been providing project teams for building interior spaces in passenger ships.  The experience gained in shipbuilding methods, built trust to our customers that we can provide project teams for ship interior projects who will meet the highest quality and safety standards
Today we able to help turnkey contractors to build unique interior spaces in cruise ships, ferries, inland cruises, superyachts, and other types of vessels. Delivering a variety of works for different areas in both new building and refurbishment projects.
We provide technical ship interior drawings with strong attention to detail and the most competitive price. We have experience preparing ship interior drawings for public, crew, and accommodation areas.

Our CAD designers can work in your design team under your supervision as well as remotely in our local design office.

Softwares we work with

Experienced project teams will help with the installation of HVAC systems to ensure a proper indoor climate in all interior spaces.

We install

Ventilation and air conditioning systems
AC rooms
Heating systems
Sheet metal structures and Spiro pipes
Carefully selected project teams will take care of installation works for different electrical systems.

We install

Sound and lighting systems
Network systems
Security systems
Electronic equipment
Our project teams are capable to carry out wide range of ship interior outfitting works while ship is sailing or stays at the dock. We have experience working with ship interiors in public, crew and accommodation areas.

We do

Insulation and coating
Metal frame lining
Wall and ceiling paneling